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These Running Websites Can Help You Get Active

August 29, 2014 12:02 pm

From inspirational quotes to training tips, the internet provides a wide variety of ways to improve your running routine. Though you can only really run at the gym or on the trail, many runners seek inspiration on the web for the days when they just don’t feel like getting off of the couch. Here are some beneficial websites for runners of all skill levels.

Search “running quotes” on Pinterest and you’ll instantly be met with thousands of motivational quotes gathered by fellow runners. If you’re already on Pinterest, creating your own board to pin the quotes and workouts that inspire you most can be very helpful when you need that extra boost to lace up your sneakers.

If competitive running is more your speed, the running section of the Competitor website is just the thing to fuel your sportsmanlike spirit. The homepage provides the latest headlines from races around the world, as well as training tips to help you prepare for your next big race. You’ll also find tips for injury prevention, trail running, shoes, and gear and much more.

Running Times
Just as the name suggests, Running Times is like an online newspaper for running enthusiasts. The Headlines page includes news headlines about competitive running, with different sections for high school, college, and masters running. Trail and training tips will help you to get in the best shape possible, while the Trails We Love page offers helpful insight into the best trails in your area.

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Club A Steakhouse: Exceptional Steaks and Service

August 20, 2014 11:02 am

If you're searching for a restaurant to celebrate a special occasion, consider Club A Steakhouse, a renowned restaurant with exceptional cuisine and service, but without the waiting list. Housed in a historic brownstone, this three story restaurant has an unquestionably classy and romantic ambiance with deep red walls and soft lighting. Famed restaurateur Bruno Selimaj opened Club A in 2008, and his Albanian roots have fostered a culture of hospitality. He regularly sends complimentary appetizers and desserts to diners and checks in on tables throughout the evening.

Club A features a traditional steakhouse menu. Start with the escargot or steak tartare appetizers. Many couples order the prime, dry aged Porterhouse for two, which is cut and served table-side. Although the meat is the main event, sides at Club A are top notch. Favorites include the creamed spinach and truffle mac and cheese.

Club A Steakhouse
240 E. 58th Street
New York, NY 10022
(212) 688-4190

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How to Decorate Shelves and Bookcases Like a Design Pro

August 13, 2014 11:01 am

Decorating a bookshelf isn’t as easy as just sliding your entire book collection onto its shelves. If you want a well-arranged bookshelf worthy of an interior design magazine, all it takes are a few simple tricks. Here are the best ways to color, organize, and style that plain old bookshelf.

  1. Draw inspiration. Completely empty your bookshelf to create a blank canvas, and then think about what you like about other bookshelves that you’ve seen. Do you love colorful rows of books or a few antique titles scattered throughout? What type of flowers, plants, and knick-knacks do you want to incorporate into your design? It helps to plan things out beforehand so that you can visualize the final product.
  2. Sort your books. Since the books are the main focal point of the bookshelf, add them in first. Organize books by size and color to create shelves that flow well. Place some books horizontally and some vertically to create some excitement for the eye.
  3. Fill in empty spaces. Now that your whole book collection is one the shelves, you can afford to fill unused space with pretty items. A bud vase with a small flower is a great option, and an antique globe makes an attractive addition to a home office. You have some freedom here, but make sure to avoid over-cluttering your now-perfect bookshelf.

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